How to Use and Maintain Tile Saws

How to Use and Maintain Tile Saws

Are you planning to renovate the floor of your bathroom or a section of the house that has tiles? Well, one of the best tools that you must have to make the work to easy and efficient is a tile saw.

A tile saw is a machine that is used for cutting the tiles to the required sizes and shapes for easy fixing on the floors.

According to GrinderReviewed blog, One essential thing to keep in mind though is the fact that working with a tile saw is not easy. And hence you need to know all the processes and tactics of using the device.

After you are done with the cutting process, make sure to maintain the tile saw according to the manufacturer’s instructions in order to keep it in the good state and ensure it will serve you for a long time.

So, how do you use a tile saw and maintain it at the same time?

How to use the tile saw

Prepare the saw

The first thing you need to do is prepare the saw and the area that you wish to work from. When choosing the working surface, make sure the bench is strong and sturdy such that the saw will not move or wobble when cutting.

The table should be of a good height for easy and comfortable reach when you are cutting too. On the other hand, there are people who opt to place their tile saw on the ground while cutting for easy reach.

Well, make sure the ground where you are working from is well leveled to prevent making wrong cuts on the tiles. When cutting tiles, one is expected to fill the water reservoir with water.

The water is required for cooling the blade when you are working. Therefore, fill water in the water reservoir and close it.

Note that the room you will be working from will be quite messy due to the water being sprayed on the tiles. So, ensure to clear off any device or tools that may get damaged by the water being splashed from the machine.

Maintain Tile Saws

Mark the cut

Before you install your tile on the saw’s blade, you need first to mark the size of the tile that you want to cut using a pencil.

Once you have marked the tile, then raise the fence of the saw and gently insert the tile until you see that the blade is well aligned to the tile being cut.

Prepare to cut the tile

When it comes to the cutting of the tile. One is advised to place the widest part of the tile in between the blade and the fence.

This is done for safety measures since it helps you hold the tile firmly without getting your hands close to the blade. Switch on the water, lower the fence guard and then get ready to cut.

How to cut the tile

When cutting the tile, make sure to feed the tile on the blade gently. And avoid forcing it since this can interfere with the cut results. Allow the tile to slowly slide onto the blade before you start to cut.

How to maintain a tile saw

  • When working with the tile saw, always make sure the water tank is full to keep the blade working properly. And it is also essential for protecting the water pump equipped on the saw.
  • If you are using the tile saw continuously. It is advisable that you keep on checking the water reservoir and change the water if need be.

Tile Saws

  • For example, if you are cutting soft tiles, you can change the water after four hours of cutting. But if you are working on hard tiles, it is advisable that you change the water 6 to 8 hours.
  • If you are working with diamond wet saws. Make sure to keep on cleaning them in between the work for better functioning.
  • The durability of the saw will be determined by how you use it when cutting and therefore. Make sure to fully follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use and also maintain the saw after use.
  • Once you are done the cutting then make sure to rinse the saw with clean water. The bearings on the device should be wiped with an oily rag.


If you are planning to venture into tile cutting business. Or you would want to renovate your bathroom tiles. Use the above usage tips to guide you on how to utilize the tile saw.

And for durability of the saw, use the above tips to help you learn how to keep and maintain your tile saw.

Also, follow the provided manufacturers guide regarding how to use and maintain the kind of tile saw model you have.