maintain your framing nailer

How to Maintenance and Take Care of Your Framing Nailer for Longevity

A framing nailer is a very versatile and useful device that can be handy for occasional work such as inflating tires or car paints.

For professional woodworkers and mechanics, this tool is a must, as it is ideal for the operation of spray guns, wrenches, and nail guns.

The framing nailer is also used by industries that have much higher performance as they perform more demanding tasks.

Due to their high functionality, these compressors are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of the user. The compressors used in the industry are oil lubricated, where the oil must be changed regularly.

On the other hand, the other variety is oil-free compressors and runs smoothly as long as they are used for less workload.

Maintain your framing nailer for optimal performance and longevity

According to right to rise superpac a framing nailer can be used both in the home and at work to do the heavy job with ease, but like all machines, they also need proper and regular maintenance to function correctly.

Below is an easy-to-reference checklist to help make sure your framing nailer is in excellent condition for a long time:

• Daily Maintenance

If you’re a professional worker and use a framing nailer to power your tools, and take care of your framing nailer every day, make sure your air tools get enough air.

Every day, remember to drain moisture and additional air pressure from the compressor tank and remove dust particles around the air valves with a damp cloth.

A must for every framing nailer. The feed system requires daily maintenance. What you do is use a can of compressed air to blow out dust or debris that gets stuck in the delivery system.

You can also wipe the system with a rag before using the air. We strongly recommend using a rag that leaves no pieces of fabric that could block the delivery system.

If you want to nail all day long, you should do this regularly throughout your session to make sure the weapon moves effortlessly.

As a rule of thumb, oil all moving parts to make sure the nail gun is adequately lubricated.

• Weekly cleaning

It is recommended to clean the operating systems of your framing nailer weekly. Start by removing blockages from the vents. Then rinse the air filter with water and reattach it after it has completely dried out.

• Monthly Routine Check

Schedule some time each month to make sure the safety valve is not tight, and the air pressure is adequately drained. You should also carefully inspect the electrical cables and hoses for damage.

We recommend tightening screws or bolts to your nail every month. All the vibrations and heavy use of these guns tend to loosen the bolts over time. You may want to check your nail gun immediately after unpacking to see if the screws are tight.

In some cases, screws and bolts loosen during transport.

If you find that screws or bolts are loose during operation, take a minute or two to tighten them properly. Keep in mind that nail guns can be very dangerous if not properly maintained. You do not want a screw or bolt to break off, which puts you in control of the nail gun.

Check the battery

If you are using a rechargeable nailer, check the battery every few months and look for an expiration date. Many fuel cells or batteries have an expiration date depending on the model or lose their charge capacity after some time.

This is something you should regularly do; especially if you find that your nail gun does not hold any charge as usual.

• Semi-annual equipment and replacement

Every six months check all tanks for leaks and lubrication and make sure the meters are displaying the correct values. If necessary, replace filters and other cables, and tighten them as needed.

• Proper storage

Storage of your tool in a dust-free and cool environment also plays a vital role in ensuring durability and reducing the cleaning load. Make sure that the device is adequately covered and in a moisture-free place


In addition to the above guidelines, always follow the user guide that came with your framing nailer. The manual tells you that the machine parts are much better, which in turn helps them to function smoothly for a long time.