Organize Your Truck Tool Box

How To Clean And Organize Your Truck Tool Box


A truck tool box can be a great asset to any truck as it takes care of many of the problems faced. Not only does the driver have access to tools at the time of need but it also works as truck storage space.

Pick up trucks generally, have a lot of small knick-knacks lying around so truck toolboxes are ideal for keeping all these things safe and also organized.

You could carry just about anything in your toolbox and enjoy the truck driver. There are several different types of toolboxes and socket sets that are available keeping to the different types of trucks.

You could have one big truck toolbox or have one with small individual compartments so that you can have your things well organized.

If you have a truck and you are a very organized person, then let me suggest a very effective way on how you can organize and clean your tools.

This suggestion is definitely foolproof just as long as you make the necessary steps on how to secure your things. This is also a great way for you not to misplace anything. So if you are really interested to know, just read on.


Organizing Truck Tool Boxes

I’m simply focusing on how to organize truck tool boxes. You can use them because of so many good reasons. Just to name a few – they help save space in your truck.

You don’t have to worry about getting more clutter and finding it hard to look for the things that you need. You can easily get your tools because you know where you keep them.

They also have storage containers that can hold different tools. You will only have to choose the ones that do not break easily.

There are many truck toolboxes for you to choose from, but the only thing that you should watch out for is that you have to know which is the perfect one for you.

One popular choice among builders and contractors is the professional rail top mount truck box. Sizes are available for all kinds of pickup trucks.

Another great truck tool box is the side mount truck box. It mounts to a side rail and what makes it different is it has a notch that makes the bulk of the box set over the rail into the bed.

If you have a smaller truck that indicates that you only have a smaller storage area, then you might get a 5-drawer truck storage box.

Tips To Consider When Organizing Truck Toolboxes

Whatever toolbox you have in mind, make sure you follow these simple tips on how to organize them:


  • Consider the truck box

The truck box is composed of the sliding tray. One should carefully consider where every tool should be laid, Set out the tools and figure out how they should be put together.

Some skills may be needed when doing this. Skills like welding may be needed but if one is truly a truck driver may not find it difficult. Check more info here

  • Choose and organize

You can choose from the types of truck tool boxes that are mentioned above. Choose and organize the ones you use frequently to be placed in a strategic position. Make sure your choice will meet your unique needs.


  • Space saving options

If you don’t want to occupy too much bed space then organize your truck toolbox in a way that it gives space saving options. You should take a look at trailer-tongue and hitch-mount truck tool boxes when organizing this.


  • Secure lids and handles

Security is very important so this is something that you should also consider when organizing a truck tool box. It should have secure lids and handles.Make sure your toolbox has padlocks.


Some Tips for Cleaning truck tool boxes

Cleaning steel truck toolboxes

Truck toolboxes are made of different materials depending on the purpose for which required, their cleaning depends on the material.  Steel is seen to be the most durable and convenient material for truck toolboxes.

Steel truck toolboxes are ideal for rough use and can withstand a lot of weight too hence need a lot of cleaning with vinegar and water to remove scratches.

There are several known brands that cater to this requirement and produce toolboxes of different kinds using a different material.

Steel toolboxes are seen to be the most durable and also amongst the most expensive. The wide range of choice available allows the option of being able to choose the one that suits your individual requirement and budget.

truck tool box

Toolboxes also come with a locking facility that allows to keep your belongings safe and secure from theft and also the weather while you are on the move.

Steel truck boxes are cleaned by setting them up via steam heating which removes the clogged and sticky oil.Then set them up and leave them to dry. After that clean them with a soft clean clothing or piece of paper.

Cleaning aluminum truck toolboxes

There is a wide range of toolboxes available made of molded plastic, aluminum (powder coated that provides it durability and looks) and many others.

The options are many. Aluminum truck toolboxes are cleaned by using phosphoric acid.First and foremost water the toolbox.Always ensure that the truck toolbox is dry before starting the cleaning. By having some protective clothing on then the process is  ready.

Once the acid is used on the truck tool boxes it will appear white but it is a normal appearance because the polish on the metal will clean it out.Dry the box with water and clean it with a piece of clothing.

Cleaning molded plastic truck toolboxes

You could have convenient and very useful truck tool boxes made of molded plastic into the truck service body. This allows for a more sturdy and durable space for securing your valuables and other belongings.

When cleaning this type of truck toolboxes, coca cola is used. Pour some few amounts of Coca-Cola on them and wait for about 10-15 minutes then clean them with water and dry them with a piece of clothing.



Truck tool boxes will not only make your truck more useful, but it will add value simultaneously by protecting your tools from the elements, and from thieves, and increase the storage capacity of the vehicle.

These storage units can be placed at various locations in the truck bed, or on top of the rail which is commonly seen on the vehicles of contractors or constructions workers since this allows the boxes to be easily accessed without the need to get in the truck bed.

Cleaning aluminum truck toolboxes

The location a person chooses to place to toolbox will depend on the style and model of the box, as well as what seems most convenient for the user.

While most tool boxes are located at the front of the bed right behind the cab, it may be placed along the sides closer to the tailgate if the person intends to utilize it as storage for grocery bags, shopping bags, or personal backpacks or luggage while on a quick trip to and from the store.