10 Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Robot

10 Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Robot

Robot is a device which is known to be programmed by computers, it is programmed to carry out series of complex action naturally. It can be controlled by external control devices to act like a human being.

They are made to work in human replacement and do things that are beyond human being ability. It also, robot toys is widely used as kids gift. You can gift your kids a toy robot during Christmas.

They have the merit and demerit of their work, below are some of the secret you would not want to know about robot:


Military services

Military robot are one among the important and high tech used and needed in present days. It designed to save people life without harming them by performing dangerous work.

Example of a military commonly used robot is (EOD) explosive ordinance disposal robots which have the ability to detect suspicious packages and the explosive devices together with the mines.


Talon history

Military also uses robot with launcher of a grenade to carry weapons in Talon Swords, it is known to be packed with 6 barrel of about 40 mm launcher of grenade.

Other Talon options include M240 machine gun, M16 rifle among others though most were deployed in Iraq in the year 2007when their weapons were still unused.

Talon aren’t used for defense only have best use on roadside bombs and other explosive devices.


Exploration of the Space

They are well used by astronauts where they give them a chance to look into the space in open mind manner. Most common used robot are the (ROV) remotely operated vehicle and (RMS) remote manipulator system, they are both used for only space missions.

The ROV has a spacecraft that is unmanned that rotate freely or land after getting contact with the outer surface space while the RMS is designed with a mechanical arm that help astronauts perform difficult but important task during the mission in the space. Both ROV and RMS capture great footage that a human being cannot capture.


Investigate hazardous environment

Robot are becoming important at a high rate, they can go in a burning volcano for data collection or in a house on fire to save the victims.

Example is the Scout Robot they are widely used by fire department and law enforcement to detect people stuck in a building and detect explosive gadget.


Robot History

Robot’s first homicide was in the year 1981where the robotic arm was found to have crushed factory worker a Japanese Kawasaki.

A man by the name Archytas of Tarantum built mechanical driven bird jet of compressed air in the 5th century B.c. In 1495 a fellow by the name Leonard da Vinci came up with the idea of humanoid machine while engineer mark made miniature functional version for (nasa) to assist the mars to be colonized.

The first humanoid robot, Elektro emerged in the year 1939 , build by Westinghouse the device was known as the seven tall foot walking machine which actually spoke more than 650 words in 80-rmps voices which had been recorded to start a conversation.

Elektro life became unbearable and later emerged in the year 1060 B in the movie ”sex kittens go to collage ” and later was spotted in the “six star wars movie” where the character R2-D2 never changed.

Fellow by the name chris Mehuish of the Robotics Bristol laboratory made robots that produced electricity from dead flies and rotten apples using bacteria filled with fuel cell, his objectives was to create robot that can gather and make their own food.


Agricultural Commercialized

From the ancient days humans have been working on the farm for agricultural purposes but robot have replace human labor. They are efficient since they are faster and work longer hours compared to humans.

They are well programed to navigate the farm and harvest by their own. They perform neat work in horticulture sector too, they do prune, spray pesticide, weed and monitor the general plant growth.


Sex Robots

Sex robot are made in only four companies worldwide and its market is increasing at a very high rate, the main disadvantage it very costly, part from that it has healthy impact on the users. Scientist have already foreseen this especially issues concerning the society.

This will slowly led to diminishing generation and society. Sex robots could even led to unhealthy attitudes towards sex and to the male to female relations. It seems it is mainly affect the psychological part of the users and the individual in branded unhealthy.


Dangerous Robots

Generally, robots are designed to work alongside humans without confining their safety as with majority of the industries.

While the IOActive software was hacked remotely to start and disable the safety key features, which resulted the robot being reprogramed for war and will eventually hurts humans around it.

Though the company defended themselves saying the machine are large in that they can carry enough power hence it overall weight prevent it from moving fast in a way it can cause fracture.

This contradicted with the fact being the IOActive are intended for home use and the NAO- IOActive found can record and transmit the data secretly to the external server.


Exploration of Underwater

They have completely changed most of the people way of viewing the planet that is on the floor of the ocean. They are designed in way they dive longer and deeper compared to humans giving a good picture of the marine life.

Most commonly used marine robot is the (ROVs) remote operating vehicles which is monitored by humans in the commanding centers.

ROV is made of wheels, sensors, cameras which are highly defined and other tech that assist scientist when exploring the oceans floors.


Minimally –Invasive Surgery and Remote

Robot have resulted to a positive impact to the surgeons. They have greatly changed the face of the surgeons and improving their abilities in ways humans cannot even imagine.

The medical robot are controlled by human to work on the patient, example the da Vinci Surgical system are used to most cancer surgeries as well as few other surges’ such as bariatric.